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Work with us

Fast forward your career at Clipchamp. Join our team as we shape the future of video. 

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Who we are

Clipchamp is the online video editor that empowers anyone to tell stories worth sharing. We're used by millions of everyday editors worldwide. Our team innovates every day by developing exciting new tools, features and support systems for our users.

Who we are

Our company values

Words to work by. Our company values sit at the core of what Clipchamp is as a company. We aim to produce innovative products, be an inspiring industry leader and facilitate a workplace people genuinely love.

What you can do

The professional possibilities are endless here at Clipchamp. We're a product focused company, so engineering has always been, and always will be, at the heart of what we do. At the same time, our innovative product, design, marketing and people teams are essential to our success.

What you can do

Clipchamp work perks

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Hybrid work environment

Work the way you want to. At Clipchamp, we embrace a hybrid environment – this means you can work in-office, from home or your happy balance of both.

Flexible work culture

And we mean it. We encourage you to work in the way that works for you - that means flexible working hours and generous leave structures.

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Paid parental and personal leave

We believe that work/life balance is important. That's why we provide flexible parental and personal leave to all of our staff.

Custom-ordered equipment

To build something great, you need the right tools. At Clipchamp, you can order the equipment that works best for you and sets you up for success.

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Sponsored learning opportunities

At Clipchamp, we support life-long learning. We understand that education and training helps careers flourish, so we happily sponsor our staff's learning pursuits. Seminars, courses, books – you name it.

Convenient commuting

Commuting to work should be simple. Clipchamp HQ is based in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Parking and public transport is just a short walk away. We've got cyclists covered too with racks and showers.

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Retreats & team events

We're a celebratory bunch. From Friday afternoon knock-offs to trivia nights and retreats, a good time is always guaranteed at Clipchamp. Working remotely? No worries. We've found digital solutions that let everyone join in on the fun.

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Global impact

We think globally at Clipchamp. With over 17 million users in 238 countries, it's essential. Our office locations are expanding, we're providing community support to the not-for-profits and education sectors and we're working on lowering our carbon footprint.

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More perks in the works

We're committed to putting our people first and creating a great work environment. There are even more people-focused benefits on the horizon that we can't wait to share.

How our hiring process works

  • 1

    We get to know you with an interview.

  • 2

    You complete a position-specific challenge.

  • 3

    You get a chance to meet the Clipchamp team.

We get to know you
Complete a position-specific challenge
Meet the Clipchamp team

Frequently asked questions

  • In the first step, you can expect a Clipchamp recruiter to give you a call which is designed to determine whether we’re a mutual fit. It’s an opportunity to learn more about Clipchamp, as well as highlight your experience and achievements and how they are best suited to the role.

    For engineering candidates, our next step is an online technical interview, giving you a chance to chat with one of our developers while working through a coding exercise. For roles outside of engineering, we provide a position-specific challenge for you to tackle in your own time. The challenge is designed to be a realistic glimpse into the sort of work you’ll be doing at Clipchamp. 

    The final stage involves video or onsite interviews which serve as an opportunity to get to know your potential team as well as get a feel for our culture. At this point, we hope you’ll be excited to join us in our journey as we create a truly incredible video platform.

  • Your first interview is an opportunity for you to learn more about us and for us to get an understanding of your technical background. During this interview, you’ll be required to write working code in the programming language(s) appropriate to the role. 

     In the next steps, you’ll be asked to work through a technical challenge with an interviewer, either online or in-person. If you’d like to prepare, our best suggestion is to refresh your computer science principles, with a focus on performance, concurrency, and scalability. 

    The goal is to understand your problem solving ability and knowledge of trade-offs when building software and how that aligns with the exciting challenges our engineers tackle on the daily.

  • We’re on the lookout for students and recent graduates that possess a demonstrated interest in their chosen field. 

    You must be hungry to learn and grow within a fast-paced startup environment regardless of commercial work experience. You can apply for internships in Engineering, Design and HR, which are structured in a way that allows you to work part-time as you manage a full (or partial) course load.

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