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Arrange photos, videos and slides to tell your story with an amazing slideshow video.

Add life to your media

Combine photos and videos smoothly

Easy as A-B-C! Arrange your images or videos in the order you imagine to make a slideshow. Import your own media or choose from 1 million+ stock library options. Connect your clips using dynamic transitions like pan, slow zoom and more.

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Add studio effects easily

Get your slideshow to flow. Add royalty-free music, exciting filters and animated text to create a slideshow worth remembering. Finally, adjust your video size to suit any social media platform.

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Edit video templates creatively

Low on inspiration or time? Just select a designer slideshow template and replace the media to make it your own in minutes. Don’t forget to add your brand colors and logo if you want a professional look.

How to make a slideshow in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Upload your images and videos, or select stock assets

  • 2

    Drag and drop your media onto the editing timeline

  • 3

    Add text and music

  • 4

    Insert special effects and stickers

  • 5

    Export video in 1080p

An image showing import media options in Clipchamp video editor.
Image showing drag and drop feature of Clipchamp to add a video to the editing timeline.
An image representing Clipchamp's text box feature and music options.
An image representing Clipchamp's video filters and stickers.
Image of saving a video in high quality in Clipchamp

Curate favorite memories

  • Turn photos into a slideshow video to share on social media. 

  • Make birthday videos, anniversary wishes or milestone greetings for family and friends by turning pictures into a movie. 

Editing tip: Add animated titles like the typewriter effect, glow or credits effect to make your slideshow fun.

An image representing slideshow video editing in Clipchamp where a video is being replaced with drag and drop feature.

Showcase your business

  • Present your slides or media as a video to make it memorable and engaging.

  • Create a recap slideshow from photos of corporate events to share on your LinkedIn.

  • Arrange product photos in a montage to create a detailed promo video for sales.

Editing tip: Use the brand kit to add a logo and brand font and color palette to make a good impression on your viewers.

An image representing a video slideshow of a young female clothing business.

Enhance study materials

  • Combine images, videos and text to make immersive studying aids for students. 

  • Simplify classroom rules and processes by creating a fun slideshow for your students. 

  • Make a video listicle to highlight the most important facts to remember for any topic.

Editing tip: Add a webcam recording of yourself narrating the video to create a virtual connection and personalize your slideshow video.

Get started with a slideshow template.

Simply drag and drop media to edit in minutes.

Create a slideshow like a pro.

Read our step-by-step guide to combine videos and other creative elements to make a slideshow.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, Clipchamp video editor is free to use to create slideshow videos. The free tier allows you to save your 1080p resolution and access free audio, images and video stock. You can also choose from a wide range of filters and effects to create professional and eye-catching slideshow videos. 

    For access to the brand kit and the premium stock library, consider the Essentials subscription.

  • Yes. You can resize your slideshow into a 1:1 square aspect ratio or any other size using Clipchamp’s social media preset sizes. You can also drag your video’s edges freely to find the best shape.

  • Yes. You can upload your own audio or choose from Clipchamp’s stock audio library to the timeline. Trim and adjust the music to sync with your visuals and change the mood of your slideshow. Unsure about music licensing? Check out this guide to royalty-free music

  • Yes. You can create the picture-in-picture effect or video-on-video effect in your slideshow video easily with Clipchamp’s toolbar shortcuts. Learn how to achieve this professional video effect in this simple guide to PiP.

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