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Frequently asked questions

  • Premium plan subscribers can access the brand kit feature to add their logo, custom font and color to a Facebook video ad.

  • The best video ad intros are written to grab attention. Your Facebook audiences passively scroll past hundreds of images, videos and texts every day. Make sure you stand out from the clutter by matching the right video to audio, neatly introduced with intro text written with your core customer in mind. Think of this intro as your ad's headline - the top message you want to convey. People are far likelier to read the headline, than they are the body text.

  • Facebook video ads work well when they stand out from the feed's clutter, and for this reason it's critical to keep things crisp, clear and concise. The intro sets you up with a great headline that everyone will remember, and the outro leaves everyone with a clear call to action. Think of your body text as the substance or nuance within your top message and lasting call to action. This is your supporting copy, and goes a long way in driving your brand's message home. Resist the urge to write a lengthy body caption, as you're still aiming to keep things crisp for a distracted social media audience.

  • Your outro does two things: 1) it seals the messages conveyed via the intro and body text, and 2) it leaves the audience with a clear call to action. This call to action can be your logo, website address, Facebook page URL, or Instagram account. It can also be your street address if you're a brick and mortar establishment advertising services for your place of business. It's best to keep it simple, action driven and crystal clear.

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