Trim videos online 

Find the perfect video length with Clipchamp’s easy video editor. 

An image of the trim feature in action in Clipchamp which shows a section of a nature video being selected for cropping.

All-in-one video toolkit

Green trim icon

Trim videos smoothly

Bloopers be gone! Trim away extra footage and mistakes without leaving your browser. Select and drag handles to trim a video or asset like images, stickers and music. When you’re ready, save in high quality without a watermark.

Navbar icon for stock

Split and merge videos precisely

Cut out the fluff to immerse your viewers. First, zoom into the timeline to split and trim videos accurately. Next, line up your footage, add transitions and tell your story, your way.

Online video resizer nav icon

Crop and resize videos quickly

Only focus on what matters! Crop unwanted edges and resize your video’s aspect ratio to suit all your social media needs in a click. 

How to trim a video in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Upload a video or select a stock asset

  • 2

    Drag and drop onto the editor timeline

  • 3

    Click to highlight the stock asset

  • 4

    Drag the green handles in to trim

  • 5

    Export video in 1080p

Image showing how to add a video to Clipchamp using upload feature or cloud integrations
Image showing how to drag and drop media onto the editing timeline
An image showing how to highlight the stock asset in Clipchamp
An image of Clipchamp's trimming feature in use once green handles appear on ends of the media asset.
Image showing options to save video in different resolutions in Clipchamp.

Tweak any footage

  • Trim the beginning or end of a video to remove mistakes, awkward silences or watermarks. 

  • Freely drag to adjust footage or use the floating toolbar to change the layout, flip or rotate your video.

An image of trimming tool reducing the length of media in Clipchamp. The stock media shows a smiling with her hands clasped.

Make empty spaces vanish

  • Shortened multiple videos and have gaps in your video editing? Use Clipchamp’s smart gap removal to instantly delete them and merge videos smoothly. 

  • Trim away the tops and tails and polish it up by adding transitions and filters.

An abstract image of Clipchamp's gap removal feature deleting spaces between two media.

Add stock and creative effects 

  • Adjust the length of stock images, audio, overlays and GIFs to make beautiful videos.

  • Find media that fits your video’s flow from Clipchamp’s stock library with 1 million+ royalty-free assets. 

An image of two girls in a yoga pose standing near a river and taking a selfie. There are stickers on top of the image.

Learn how to trim videos like a pro.

Trimming videos online is easy. Read our step-by-step guide on how to trim a video.

An abstract image of video being trimmed using green handles in Clipchamp

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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. Users can trim and download videos in up to 1080p quality for free.

  • Trimming reduces the length by snipping parts at the beginning or end of the video. Cutting is removing sections from between a video to discard or to use somewhere else in the video. Cropping removes unwanted outer areas to make the video fit a new aspect ratio.

  • Trimming a video will not reduce its quality. Ensure your video’s original format is compatible with Clipchamp to avoid exporting in a lower resolution. Our video editor will accept MP4, MOV, WEBM, AVI, DIVX, FLV, 3GP, WMV, VOB, DCM, and MKV video files. Find more information about supported formats here.

  • Yes. Clipchamp video editor has all the features you need to make a professional video. You can add filters, text, transitions, overlays and stickers. You can even create a natural sounding AI voiceover in 70 different languages for your video for free. 

On your mark, get set, trim!