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Boost your video’s wow factor with unique and customizable video overlays.

An image of a user editing a video using the video overlay effect.

Customize your video

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Choose from endless overlay styles

Layer up and level up your videos. Place unique video overlays like animated graphics, transitions, stock videos, images, and even webcam recording overlays.

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Customize overlays to suit any video

Tailor overlays to your video perfectly by fully customizing their size, rotation, duration, and placement.

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Build the mood and tone of your video

Get studio effects without the price tag. Create your ideal video aesthetic with professional special effects like mirror and glitch. Even add fun GIPHY Stickers and GIFs, or custom animated text overlays.

Get started with stock overlays

Turn stock video into overlays by applying blending mode.

Fun for creators

  • Make gameplay and YouTube reaction videos more entertaining with webcam and motion graphics. 

  • Bring your music to life with the audio visualizer overlay

  • Transform TikTok videos into vintage films with a VHS or retro grain overlay.

An image of 4 different styles of video overlays. There is a video frame overlay, picture-in-picture overlay, animated text overlay, audio visualizer overlay and sticker overlay shown in the image.

Perfect for educators

  • Produce easy-to-follow tutorials and slideshow videos with overlays between topics. 

  • Create engaging demos by overlaying webcam videos.

  • Construct fun quizzes with overlays between each question and answer.

An image of a presentation or graph background overlayed with an image of a tutor. An overlay frame is also added on top of the tutor.

Ideal for businesses

  • Share consistently branded marketing videos with logo overlay.

  • Create quality sales Facebook and Instagram Reels with stock overlay effects.

  • Design successful onboarding videos with text animations and caption overlays.

An image of a video preview window with the Clipchamp logo and text overlayed.

Need more help adding overlays?

Learn how to edit a picture-in-picture overlay in a few easy steps. This video editing technique also helps you add video-on-video overlays and picture-on-video overlays.

An image of Clipchamp's picture-in-picture effect with two images overlayed on top of a background image.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. Video overlays and layers are free for all users to use in Clipchamp’s video editor. If you want to use stock videos and images as overlays, some assets are exclusive to paid Clipchamp subscribers.

  • Yes. Video layers are similar to video filters but are not the same feature. Filters and overlays are two separate features in Clipchamp. A filter is an effect applied to your video clip to change its appearance like colors, tones, and brightness. An overlay is added to your existing video on the top layer and does not change the background asset appearance.

  • No. Green screen is a filter in Clipchamp, not a video overlay. Users can, however, use green screen filters as overlays by layering two assets on top of each other.

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